Waking Up With Sarah Rae

"I'm a professional big-booby bouncer," said Sarah Rae. "I don't do it much when I'm walking, but sometimes when I'm sitting in a restaurant I do find myself doing it. It's like second nature to me now." We hated to wake up Sarah from a nice slumber. When she awakens, her hands stray to her big, famous boobs and bushy pussy. There's a lot to love. A nice shower and some wet play time while we watch will get Sarah going and when she's dried off, she bounces into a tank top and denim shorts. What Sarah puts on is what she usually wears. She's a super-casual girl, one of the things that many guys love about her. "I always wear low-cut shirts when I go out. My boobs pretty much draw attention to themselves because they're so big.

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