Smiley Emma Strap Busting 34M Cups

Smiley Emma was looking for a new job, and after she saw how webcams and cam-modeling were becoming so popular, she decided to give it a go. Eventually that led to her posing for XL Girls in Europe and in her native Canada. "I've always known that I'm an exhibitionist. I hate clothes. 

I prefer to be naked and I like to be watched, so I started doing webcamming. I liked being able to set my own hours and being able to interact with others and explore my sexuality. I usually like to do what the member wants to see, and sometimes they'll ask me what I want to do, so there'll be a lot of jiggling. [She shakes her tits.] 

I get a lot of boob guys who come into my chat room and comment on my boobs all the time. I do a lot of bouncing, too." Since the public has access to communicating with webcam girls in chats, the girls get all kinds of comments. "I've been told that my boobs are nice and full and round.