Roxanne Miller In The Breast Of Times

Busty, brainy and beautiful, Roxanne Miller is close to the main event and her lush body is showing the transformation that pregnancy brings. Bigger, heavier boobs. The nipples changing color. The veins becoming more prominent. The surge of hormones making her hornier. 

Check out the Tit Chat video in which Roxanne talks about her pregnancy. 

XL Girls: Have you weighed your breasts recently? 
Roxanne : They are around 12-14 pounds together. I put them on a kitchen scale.

XL Girls: What is the best thing about having bigger breasts? 
Roxanne : Having the big breasts, ha-ha! Well, when you have bigger breasts actually you become more unique because you leave behind those with big boobs since you now have HUGE boobs!

XL Girls : What is so much fun about your boobs? 
Roxanne : They are full and pretty firm for how heavy they are. They are fun bags, not just a pair of long socks hanging from my chest area.