Nila Mason Goes To The Gym

Nila Mason goes to the gym, and naturally the one guy there eyes her up and down immediately, checking out her big tits, sexy body and pretty face. The total package, she's got the power. Michael is one of those gym dudes who goes commando and when Nila gets on a floor roller and he gets on a bench to lift weights, she sees his salami hanging out of his shorts. 

Nila forgets her workout and reaches out for it, taking it in hand. This is actually very dangerous. More guys have dropped weight bars on their necks because of hot girls grabbing their rods at the gym than is reported in the news. 

Nila forgets about her workout and so does Michael. She takes his dick in her mouth and gives him an oral workout that's a lot better than the one he went to the gym for. Next, Nila does some chest exercises, wedging his cock between her heavy knockers and rubbing it up and down. Floor work is next.