What you dont know about big beautiful women

Hello guys,

I have been blogging about BBW Modeling and Porn for over a decade, during this time i have dated and met many big beautiful women, from which i have learned so much things. in my society curvy or big women are considered Real Women, Who work hard and are sweethearts.

So in this blog post, i will tell you some reasons why you need to love a BBW :

  • Very humble, down to earth and caring women.  In the Western Countries They have undergone so much of social pressure to loose weight and experienced ridicule by colleagues that they become down right humble. Too much of neglect, hatred and rejection from peers and parents also make them treat others nicely
  • 90% Big Girls I've met have a healthy living style. They are miles away from eating disorders.. The media is just lying about this.
  • BBWs have a good sense of humour. Most of the BBWs that I have met know how to laugh at themselves. They enjoy jokes. You don't have to worry too much about offending them with your harmless jokes. They don't take jokes personally.
  • BBWs are comfortable in their skin. They have not changed their lifestyle despite severe rebukes, taunts and pressure from parents, siblings and colleagues. They are immune to inferiority complex. Love the BBW the way she is and she is yours forever.
  • BBWs have all the curves to die for. They have plenty to love and hold
  • BBWs smell great. The perfume they apply evaporates more early then one applied by a thin lady, due to BBW's large surface area
  • BBWs have a great aesthetic sense when it comes to dressing themselves. A petite lady can go to clothing store and easily find dress of her size, but the BBW has to be a little artistic to find the right dress
  • Unlike petite chicks who keep telling about themselves, the BBWs are good listeners. Your best friend in the school was a BBW. You would go to her to discuss all sort of problems. BBWs understand humans more than their thin counterparts