Lola Rayne Bikini Babe Bares Boobs and Butt

Lola Rayne said she doesn't have any special talents. We have to disagree with that. Lola has a lot of talent and some of it is shown at XL Girls. She is from Colorado and is a web-cam girl. 

Lola enjoys foot-worship, voyeurism, exhibitionism, domination, submission plus good 'ol big boob and ass play. Her tits need a 42G bra. "I mainly buy full-coverage bras because the only time I wear them is when I need the coverage and support," Lola said. When Lola goes out, "I try to emphasize my breasts as much as possible and if not, I'm emphasizing my curves. I will wear tight, low-cut dresses or tops." 

To start, Lola dons a bikini here, but once she's changed into her big girl birthday suit, she fills her tailpipe with a butt-plug and rubs her clit to blast-off.