Kacey Parker In Kitchen Heat

If you want a cup of Joe, you must pass Kacey Parker's test. Before you can get that cup of Joe, you must have two cups of Kacey and she has some mighty big cups (38H-cups) for a girl who's only 5'2". In the kitchen, Kacey pulls this sucker into her soft dairy jugs and gives him a motorboating that's fast and furious. 

When he gets a break, he sucks on her nipples. Our cameraman wishes he had brought an oxygen tank with him for the guy, just in case. After her fuck partner lies back on the kitchen counter, Kacey tit-pounds his face.

He makes it through without tapping out. Kacey, one of the most aggressive lil' minxes at XL Girls, takes his jizzle-stick out of his fly and sucks it like a human vacuum cleaner, licking, jerking and spitting huge globs of mouth juice on it. Then she tit-fucks him vigorously while in that position. Kacey really gave this lucky sucker a major workout.

This big-boobed MILF knows what she wants in bed.