CJ Woods at the car wash

Need your car washed? XL Girls has a blonde hottie ready to do that. She'll even press her soapy big tits against the glass. CJ Woods doesn't wash her own car topless or naked at home. She's a private southern lady in her own neighborhood and likes to keep some things secret. 

"I had fun doing this," said CJ. "I know that a lot of guys like to watch girls washing cars." CJ can tell who's going to be a stud and who's going to be a dud. 

"I can tell by the way a man looks at me if he wants me and if we're going to get cozy. I'm pretty good at reading guys and I can tell if there's chemistry. If he can make me laugh, he's definitely a keeper. If I see someone that interests me, I would walk over to him and start talking." 

This big-boobed MILF knows what she wants in bed.