the big bouncing bodacious boobs of amaya may

"When I want something, I will go to extremes to get it," said Amaya May. Amaya is here to show off her flexible and spreadable abilities. She's a lifelong dance student and an instructor with her own studio. 

"Physically, my giant tits are my best features and they are hard to resist, aren't they? Come on! Look at these things!" Yes, they are hard to resist and we don't want to resist. Bra shopping must be a great experience for any guy who gets invited. 

How does Amaya feel about sex on the first date? "In my 20s, always! But now that I'm older, no sex on a first date. If a girl has sex on a first date, it's hard for a man to respect her. I'm definitely a challenge and that keeps men intrigued."