Savannah Phair Stood Up On Date Night

An administrative assistant from New York, heavy-boobed, married MILF Savannah Phair was originally spotted by one of our photographers. "Guys are always looking at my boobs so I decided to really show them," said Savannah. That's very generous, in our opinion. 

When a date stands Savannah up instead of stiffing her with his stiffie, she decides to show him what he missed by having some hot and horny me-time with her giant breasts and wet pussy. "I like to dress sexy and classy in low-cut tops," Savannah said.

"I can't stand anything on my neck. I love wearing high heels! I have to wear bras. My boobs are too heavy so it's painful not to wear one for support. I love to wear boy shorts." Savannah still models occasionally.