Jordynn Luxxx In Two Dicks for Luxxx

Jordynn LuXXX is having some me-time in the living room when Tony just walks into the house after hearing her moaning. He's looking for Jordynn's hub Jimmy. Giving herself a pat-down has made Jordynn horny so she's up for going down on Tony. As she swallows his dick, Jimmy comes home and catches them. He starts yelling but Jordynn defuses the situation by fucking them both.

XLGirls : So Jordynn, how would you compare this threesome to your first threesome? 

Jordynn : I'd say both were very fun, but I think this one was more dynamic. The roles the men played made it more erotic to me. I like playing the slutty housewife!

XLGirls : Near the end, the guys put you in a piledriver position. Do you do this position in your private life? 

Jordynn : I can honestly say I've not done the piledriver position often. However, I do really enjoy it! It's fun seeing a cock thrust in and out of me and that position provides a great view!