Quinn Rain In Burley Quinn

Quinn Rain is one sweet, little, blue-eyed, redheaded hottie. She's new to XLGirls. Quinn's done a boy-girl scene and another is on the way. Here, Quinn talks about her passion: old-style burlesque, an artistic form of striptease that's again become popular in recent years

A vivacious babe with 34K tits, Quinn knows the history of burlesque and its players and who's who in the current scene. She makes her own costumes and wears one of her skimpy numbers in this photo shoot.

"I'm training to be a sword swallower," Quinn said. Commendable! "But I'm really good at computers and IT work. I like to go on dates at mixology bars, some candle-lit corner where we can talk about our passions and interests. I spend a lot of time in museums.