Monica Love In Love Doll

Every day is a "fantastic day" for Monica Love. She's always giggling, laughing and bubbly. When she giggles, she jiggles and that's a good thing. Monica doesn't call playing with her luscious bod and boobs or getting fucked by studs "work," a word that many girls in adult entertainment use. A word that denotes drudgery. Monica doesn't pose often but when she does, she takes it soft and sexy. "I want to have fun and pleasure when I making pictures," Monica said. "I feel more sexy making pictures." There's a mirror in the bedroom and Monica lies down across from it so she can see herself rubbing her heavy jugs and inching a long, clear dildo inside her hot snatch. That excites her as much as it excites her to see her pictures later on. When she's in the mood for getting it on back home, Monica wants a guy with stamina who will not forget to lick her pussy.