Lucy Lenore First Hardcore

It's the first time with a porn guy on-camera for Lucy Lenore. Lucy's been doing horny shows at XL Girls for two years, flying solo. When she decided to give full-sex a spin, XL Girls invited her over. We're glad she accepted! After her spanking first scene, Lucy chatted about her experience. 

XLGirls : Hi Lucy, did you have a conversation with porn guy Peter Green and the cameraman about the scene before the shoot? What did you discuss? 

Lucy : I did. I have worked previously with the cameraman and I knew I enjoyed working with him so I just told him I was nervous, and to feel free to correct me or give me any kinds of direction. As for Peter, I told him it's my first scene and just please be nice to me! Oh, and I take direction well because I am pretty submissive sexually and like being told what to do. And he was nice, he was great.