Dulcinea Naked Girl In The Kitchen

Dulcinea is in the kitchen. How do you like your pie? Served by a busty brunette in lingerie? A pretty girl with big naturals hooters and a full-moon ass? Dulcinea is serving. Besides making pies, she's got the magic touch at wood-making.

SCORELAND : Are car shoulder belts comfortable for you? Most women with big breasts say no. 
Dulcinea : Not exactly, but I just put mine in between my boobs and it's all good.

SCORELAND : Do you ever store things in your cleavage? 
Dulcinea : I would but I quit wearing bras over a year ago so now I'm sure everything would just fall out! 

SCORELAND : You keep really busy. Do you have time for hobbies? 
Dulcinea: My hobbies are art and design. In my spare time I like to take and edit photos, work with graphic design, write and read. My website keeps me very busy. I don't really like sports. I'm involved with the swinger community and swap often, in groups.