Codi Vore In Stuff Girls Do

It's good to be Codi Vore, sexy and beautiful blonde-at-large. A girl of many talents, among them excellent nipple self-sucking, Codi is a master of the webcam and video games. "I love singing, mathematics and public speaking," said Codi.

SCORELAND : What was your first experience like on cam with a bunch of guys watching? 

Codi : The first time I got on-cam, I cammed with my roommate, Tegan Trex, and we did a girl-girl show together. It was live, and it was our first time kissing. We're friends, so it was a little weird at first, but I've kissed her a lot now, so it's not weird anymore. It was cool, and since then, I really enjoy dealing with fetishes and finding out about different fetishes and where they come from.