Reyna Mae is Back to Show Her Rack

Formerly a redhead, now a blonde, Reyna Mae returns to XL Girls for new shoots and, as she did during her previous visits, she's packing lots of tits and ass.

"I've been in the adult industry since 2003 and shot for XL Girls first in 2006," Reyna said. "I have changed a lot since then, of course. I've grown as a performer and adapted to the changes in the industry. I try to keep learning as I go and I strive to improve so I can deliver a great scene for my fans. I like to meet them at conventions. Having a hot wife helps get my attention. I don't escort."

While most girls are in and out, Reyna has stayed the course and followed her chosen path. "I like that people see me as the porn star next door and my porn as fantasy but also realistic. I've had many women tell me that they began watching porn because I look like them and that makes them feel more comfortable with it.


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