Dulcinea In Swimsuit Sizzle

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SCORELAND : What are your hobbies when you have time? What do you do for fun and "me time." 

Dulcinea : Lately I've been learning web design. At first, I just wanted to know how to customize my website and cam profiles but now I've really got into building websites. It's so neat to see how things change when you play around with computer code. I can usually be found curled up on the sofa typing away with my nerd glasses on. For fun and "me time," I love to play Minecraft and Netflix and chill with lots of, um, "chilling."

SCORELAND : What is the one job you could never do? 

Dulcinea : I majored in biology and wanted to be a pathologist but when it came time to doing anything with needles and stuff I got really squeamish. Plus my lab coat covered up way too much cleavage.

SCORELAND : The world lost a busty scientist but gained a hottie boombalottie.