CJ Woods Loves Woods

CJ Woods is a heavy-boobed southern charmer who lives two lives: one life as the quiet, unassuming MILF- and mom-next-door and the second as the piping-hot XL Girl who steps in front of a camera to play with her plush body and fuck big-cock studs

"At home, when I want to feel sexy, I wear yoga pants and a tight shirt, and in the bedroom, lingerie without panties. I have a friendly personality, being a southern lady, so if I see a guy I like in the right place, like a party, I'll walk over to him and start talking instead of waiting for him to do that to me."

We usually ask the girls if they watch their scenes and check out their photos when they're shown at XL Girls. "I have," said CJ. "I've watched them alone or with someone.

I do judge myself and I've seen many ways to improve. They do turn me on when I'm watching them with someone and it usually leads to hot sex.

 It turns him on too. But it hasn't changed me. I'm still the sweet southern lady I was before I came to XL Girls