Milly Marks First Hardcore Scene

And now for Milly's more-than-eagerly awaited first boy-girl scene. A chat primes the pump before the hump. It's getting to know Milly time first. You'll see that 20-year-old Milly has a very down-to-earth, very direct approach to sex, Read her answers to Scoreland Team Answers :

SCORELAND: What did you like better, shooting the still photos or the video, and why?

Milly : As much as I loved shooting the videos, I think I had more fun shooting the photos because I was getting fucked but also I could talk and be my silly self while doing it

SCORELAND : Had you ever met a pro porn performer in person before this scene? 
Milly : Never! But he was down to earth and just a normal person which was really nice and relieving. 

SCORELAND : What kind of advice or tutoring did your partner give you before or during this shoot? 
Milly : He told me to just relax and enjoy myself. He told me to go with the flow and don't worry about it..that it would come pretty naturally. And he was right, it totally did.

SCORELAND : Are you going to masturbate or fuck or have sex with a girl whenever you watch your first hardcore? 
Milly : I'm not sure which one of those I'll do but definitely one of them. I'm crossing my fingers that I'll be fucking a girl the first time I see it. That's just because I don't have sex with girls as much as I'd like to but it's one of my favorite pastimes.

SCORELAND : Compared to regular guys you have dated, how did you find your first professional stud as a sex partner? 
Milly : Well he has a big nice dick for one and that's not something I've ever gotten used to. However it's something I'd like to get used to because it was terrific.


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