Aeryn Elise New Year Interview

Aeryn Elise is a busty amateur who made her porn debut in 2014 as Dulcinea for XLGirls. After taking a break from the industry, she lost over 50 pounds and returned as a SCORE girl for Scoreland.

In addition to modeling, she also shoots amateur solo and hardcore videos, does live webcam shows, and spends way more time staring at boobs on Twitter than she would care to admit. She also enjoys exercising, yoga, cooking, reading, web design, and huge cumshots.

This new year week-end I had the pleasure to interview Aeryn and know more secrets behind her porn carrer.

~ How would you describe yourself?
Bubbly! I’ve dealt with depression before, so after I overcame it I made it my life’s mission to try to always be positive. Granted, I’m not the best at it, but I like being a little bit of light in a world that sometimes seems so dark. I’m also curvy and voluptuous, with gorgeous blue eyes and a seductive smile.

~ Have you ever been with a girl in a porn scene?
Not yet, but I’m hoping to set something up this year. I have sex with women in my personal life on the regular, so it’s something I would totally be comfortable with!

~ Do guys ask you questions about your boobs?
Sure, All The Time!!!

~ What do they ask you the most?
“What size?” or “How big are those?” And when I tell them they're HH they look at me like I’m crazy because everyone assumes that DD is the biggest. Truthfully, the US is just behind on how to properly make bras! HH is like a DDDDD.

~ What are your sex fantasies?
I have so many! Vikings, Sherlock Holmes, a priest…my list goes on and on! I’m also into different kinds of roleplay – homewrecker, stranger, maid, professor, etc.
My two biggest ones are probably a 5-guy gang bang and my first BBC. I have a 9-inch dildo I play with, but I’ve never had the real thing! And a gang bang with DP and bukkake would be amazing!

~  Where People can find your work?

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