jeudi 15 décembre 2016

Porsche Dali In Bound to be Gagged

Porsche Dali gets tied-up and a ball-gag is shoved in her mouth. Placed on a bed, Porsche writhes around until she's released.

She's now free to play with her big tits and pierced nipples and rub her sensitive clit. Porsche lives in Missouri, the "Show Me" state. It's a natural fit.

The XL Girls Team Asked Porsche Dali few questions and she answred them with fun here : 

So what do people do for fun in Missouri?
Porsche : People go to each others' houses. Hang out. Go bowling. Have sex. Not much else.

Do you have to stay locked up in your house the whole time when there's an ice storm?
Porsche: Not if you have a job.

Porsche, do you have a sex bucket list?
Porsche : A three-way with two boys or two girls would be great. I'm an anal virgin. One of these days I plan on trying it, so you can definitely add that to the bucket list.

What about sex in public away from the camera?
Porsche : My first experience was in public but there was nobody around. But I have been at a party before and fucked somebody on a trampoline in front of everyone.


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