Jennica Lynn The Bustiest Swedish Girl In The World

What did you think when you saw yourself on the covers of Voluptuous and XL Girls magazines? Your first was February 2014 Voluptuous and your second was the August 2014 issue as well as XL Girls #262 and #269.
Jennica : I was over the moon! Me on the covers of a magazine! I mean come on, what girl doesn't want that? I had never expected to be on any cover at all

How did it feel when you saw the DVD (Jennica Lynn) devoted just to you.
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Jennica : Again, I was so thrilled and happy, I have a DVD!

You went to the Dominican Republic with Lavina Dream, Vanessa Y. and Roxanne Miller for XL Girls On Location. What was that trip like for you?
Jennica : Oh, it was so fun. I had never been to the Dominican Republic. It was a different experience compared to The Bahamas since this time we were a group of girls. It was amazing to talk to other models and compare boobs and other things

Do you keep in touch with any of the girls from that shoot? 
Jennica : I did keep in touch with Lavina for quite awhile. She is a super-sweet girl.


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