Charlotte Angel In Wet Angel

The water in Charlotte Angel's bath was turning into steam as our photographer snapped away. The always-smiling and strapping brunette is a busty and bold babe with a lusty personality.

She was more than eager to do her first hard-pounding scene with porn stud JMac ("Hot Angel") and that's led to Charlotte diving even deeper into the porn scene.

XLGirls : So, Charlotte, what reaction do your breasts get from women? Are they nice or rude? Charlotte : Most of the time women are pretty nice. Sometimes you hear a comment here or there but most of time they say they would love to have big boobs like these.

XLGirls : What do you wear to own the room? 
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Charlotte : I'll usually wear a little dress. Something just tight enough so it shows all of my sexy curves but not too tight. Wearing certain fabrics or certain clothing that fits just right. There's just something about a dress that hugs me in the right way everywhere. I'm not shy at all so if I notice that a guy is staring a lot at me during a party and I find him attractive too, I'll most likely go talk to him.

XLGirls : What do like best about yourself? 
Charlotte : I'd have to say it's my open-mindedness. It takes a lot to offend me or anything like that.


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