Arianna Sinn In Bollywood Boobs

Arianna Sinn, voted one of the 20 Greatest Naturals ever, looks amazing in anything we throw on her. But decked out as a belly dancer, it feels as if she's casting a spell over us.

Her hourglass figure and heavy G-cup tits make her perfect for this Bollywood-inspired garb. In fact, Arianna's body is so perfect, it is easy to forget that she has one of the prettiest faces we've ever seen.

We're not exaggerating (BUY HER DVDS IF YOU DONT TRUST US) when we say Arianna is legitimately stunning. Particularly when you see her in person because she looks more like a sexy but sweet goddess sent down to bring pleasure to men all over the world. But Arianna isn't a goddess, she's an XL Girls legend. And to us, that's just as good.

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