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The Boob Bliss of Miss Blossom

Cheryl Blossom was blessed with big boobs and beauty. It was surely a bodacious blessing for all breast men that Cheryl decided to become a webcam girl and then transition into photo and video modeling. Just look at her twins and give thanks that Cheryl made that move.

"I do get a lot of attention," Cheryl said. "When I was younger, I was teased. I didn't understand for a long time that big breasts are beautiful. "I look at things now with humor. Sometimes I walk down the street and men turn around or shout out words of surprise or approval. It's especially funny to watch the reaction of men who go hand-in-hand with their girlfriends. Many of them try not to look but it turns out badly. Come Check Out our Hot Curvy Big Boob Models at >>

" Badly as in when the girlfriends slap them for gawking. It happens worldwide. In this scene, Cheryl shows off her voluptuous student body as the beyond-busty coed of a man's dreams, sucking on…

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